Kirsty Ellen Kross

Kirsty E Kross om hvordan noen norske matretter kan være litt... utfordrende.

Kirsty Ellen Kross - Mat og meg - Memoar


Mat og meg intervju med Kirsty Ellen Kross om matkulturen hennes fra Australia og hennes familie der, og tilberedning av mat fra Hellas og Libanon. Hun diskuterer det å vokse opp i et tradisjonelt religiøst hushold, og å ha en mamma som mente det var viktig å tilberede maten fra bunnen av hver dag. Videre snakker hun om hvordan hunfortsatt setter pris på mat laget fra bunn i også i dag, og hvordan hennes mangefasetterte matbakgrunn påvirker matvanene hennes i Oslo i dag.


00:00 My artist name is Kirsty Ellen Kross, Oslo, Norway, Kirsty Ellen Nicholson,

01:00 I was born and grew up in Brisbane, Australia which is in Queensland. It's tropical. I lived in Brisbane, then United Kingdom, then Berlin then Oslo.

01:29 My mother was the only cook, she was the ultimate housewife and put a lot of effort into cooking. We ate everything from scratch and very healthy. My dad's father was Greek so we ate a lot of Greek food. My auntie married in to a Lebanese family so we ate a lot of Lebanese food.

05:05 My mom learned to cook Greek dishes from my dad's mum who learned from her dad because he came to Australia from Greece on his own. That's the mystery of immigration.

06:16 My dad had been a professional fisherman for a while. And then later fished as a hobby. We ate whiting and huge mackeral. I hated fished because of the sun. My mom was a control freak in the kitchen so I wasn't given a lot of pressure to cook.

08:58 We had a sit down dinner at the table every night with a set table. My mom was very particular about the table setting. On Friday night and Saturday because of the Sabbath, we weren't allowed to watch television. We had a special dinner on Friday night and a special lunch on Saturday.

11:08 We have a very loose concept of what Australian food is. My grandmother was half German half Irish. Before WWII, Australian food was pretty boring: meat and vegetables and not a lot of flavor.

14:23 We shopped at the local supermarket or local fruit and vegetable store where the quality is better. We shopped at the butcher. Now she buys her fruit and vegetables at a local farm.

15:22 I cook and my partner Matthias cooks too. I'm a little bossy and a little picky. I cook Mediterranean and Asian food.

17:45 I know how to make Norwegian fish, baked salmon with boiled potatoes and løk, spring onion and sour cream. I know about waffles with rømme and bringebaer. 20:46 I love cooking and find it very relaxing. I don't want to eat stuff that's been pre-made, that has a lot of preservatives. I find that Norwegians are pretty lazy when to comes to cooking. I suppose because I'm an artist and I don't have a lot of money.