Ivan Valeaev

Ivan Valeaev - Det store vi /Ukraina - Memoar

28.03.2022 Då Ivan såg initiativet til Fyllingsdalen teater på Facebook brukte han eigen instagramkonto for å nå ut til folk som ville flykte frå Ukraina til Noreg.

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Ivan er trener på eit treningssenter på Askøy og heilt i starten av å opne eige treningssenter då krigen starta 24.02.22. I samarbeid med Fyllingsdalen teater og andre frivillige fekk dei henta to busser med flyktningar til Bergen.


0:00:00 Welcome. Introduction. About Valeaev.

0:00:50 Why Ivan is in Norway. Vikings. Moving to Trondheim, find work.

0:03:20 Coming to Bergen. Find work in Bergen. Bjarte. first boss in Norway.

0:05:00 Introduction to training. Becoming a trainer.

0:08:00 Starting own boot camp.

0:11:50 How they train in Ivans gym.

0:14:00 Unexpected invasion of Ukraine. First reaction, wife, 2014.

0:18:00 Grandparents, parents, Ivan is born in Ukraine, Romanian identity.

0:21:00 Ivan felt the war was coming.

0:22:00 Friends serving in the war. Friends that have died.

0:25:00 Women in the Ukrainan army.

0:29:00 Ukranie and Fyllingsdalen. Read about the war for the first time.

0:33:00 Realizing Ukraine resist invasion. Collecting money.

0:36:00 Sending supplies to Ukraine.

0:40:00 Buses to Ukraine. You can not just send bus without ukrainian connection.

0:42:00 Astrid connected Ivan with Jørn.

0:45:00 Going to Ukraine with the bus. Driving to Poland.

0:47:00 Mom that lost her son in the war.

0:50:00 Using humor in the bus back to Norway.

0:52:00 Wife home when Ivan was on the bus.

0:54:00 Daughter heard about Ivan in the news. Bonus son.

0:55:00 Not a hero, but teamwork.

1:00:30 How they met refugees from Ukraine. Tell about the buses in social media.

1:02:30 Biometric passports.

1:05:00 Immigration is ok. Song by El Canto.

1:07:30 Fjordline. Picking up people without biometric passport.

1:10:00 Great staff on Fjordline.

1:14:00 Great drivers of the buses.

1:17:00 Friends killed in the war.

1:19:00 Fixing problems on the bus trip.

1:22:00 Picking people up from shelter.

1:25:30 Make room in the bus for sick kid.

1:28:00 Journalists on the bus.

1:30:00 Helping the refugees integrate. Camp for kids.

1:32:00 Life not getting normal. Working a lot.

1:35:00 Weather in Ukraine and Norway. Having kids in Norway.

1:36:00 The reputation of Barnevernet.

1:39:00 Raising his bonus son in Norway.

1:42:00 The refugees should learn the norwegian way.

1:48:00 Ivans thoughts about Ukrainian response. Norway, Sweden and Poland doing most.

1:53:00 Becoming a scandinavian citizen.

1:56:00 Ukrainian, Polish, Belrusian and Russian language.

1:58:00 First refugees talk to norwegian journalists.

2:01:00 Fixing problems. Norwegians have to discuss. Proving you are not trafficker.

2:08:00 Taking a toll in your inside power. The refugees are very educated.

2:10:00 The refugees are a good resource, and will make Norway better.

2:13:00 Volounteer work.