Ayesha Tenè Jordan

Ayesha Tené Jordan forteller om hvordan det å flytte til en storby åpnet opp for et større spekter av mat og drikke fra hele verden.

Ayesha Tenè Jordan - Mat og meg - Memoar

Sandvika 23. januar 2022: Ayesha Tené Jordan forteller om å spise fersk frukt fra morens hage i Virginia, USA, og om å tilbringe jula med ulike familiemedlemmer og smake på hjemmelagede tradisjonelle sørstats-retter.

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Intervju med Ayesha Tené Jordan om hennes oppvekst i Virginia, USA, hvor hun spiste fersk frukt fra morens hage. Hun forteller om å tilbringe jula med ulike familiemedlemmer og at hun da smakte på mye hjemmelagede tradisjonelle sørstats-retter. Videre forteller hun at hun lager de samme rettene sine nå i hjemmet sitt i Sandvika, Norge, og deler de med mannen sin som er fra Haiti og stesønnen.

Intervjuer er Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor.


00:00: Ayesha Jordan, Sandvika, Norway.

01:09: I was born and grew up in Winchester, Virginia. My mother did almost all the cooking. She cooked vegetables, meat, lots of homemade family recipes. My dad cooked very occassionally.

04:01: My parents had a garden so there would be so many things they would get directly from the garden. My mom would can foods. She would marinate, pickle vegetables from the garden.

05:30: Fried catfish: flour, cornmeal, seasoning salt, Lawry's, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, egg, batter, cayenne pepper,. It wasn't so common to have a garden because there wasn't so much time to maintain it with people working.

08:12: There was a grocery store called Acme, Food Lion, Martin's, IGA. Occasionally we'd get things from the Virgina farmer's market. Our town had a lot of apples. Our neighbors grew corn and snap peas.

09:22: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas were the big holidays. We always had Christmas at our house. Thanksgiving was at my grandmother's house. Breakfast was also really big.

13:14: My mom liked her domain in the kitchen. I got to help make dessert which was also a big part of the holidays. My mom would say "Too many cooks spoil the broth." She didn't want me to burn myself or cut myself. She let me rinse the dishes.

14:15: Living in Atlanta and New York CIty opened up my palette. I worked in restaurants and learned about French cuisine or other types of American cuisine. I worked at a cafe in Atlanta with a huge coffee and tea list. My palette became more global.

16:11: I do most of the cooking, I cook recipes from my mom. Malcolm (step-son) loves waffles. I love pancakes. My husband loves rice, his family is Haitian. I love sweet potatoes and like to make sweet potato soup.

18:28: Healthy for me is a vegetable forward diet, something that gives me lots of nutrients and balance. I don't want to eat red meat all the time, I like to add fish into the diet. I think about colors and having a bright plate with many colors on it.

20:02: I still have a lot to learn about Norwegian dishes. We cook waffles, which should be considered a Norwegian dish. We usually go to the immigrant shops for vegetables. I like to shop organic.

22:25: I've been learning how to grow my own food, at my advisor's farm outside of Fredrikstad. I've grown some things on my balcony. I'm hoping to grow more next summer. I've been learning about permaculture.

25:49: My step-son likes cooking and being in the kitchen. We really want to share our food culture with him, it's essential to his identity. Haitian and African American. Having a sense and awareness of the different cuisines is important and opens up his palette.