Michelle Antoinette Tisdel

Michelle Tisdel snakker m hvordan ulike slektninger introduserte nye oppskrifter til familiemiddager, og om innflytelse fra meksikansk mat som er populært i Texas.

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Mat og meg intervju med Michelle Antoinette Tisdel om hennes matkultur dra Texas/Louisiana. Hun forteller om det å vokse opp i en stor familie hvor både besteforeldrene, moren og tanta laget og spiste mat sammen nesten hver dag. Michelle forteller også om å ta med mattradisjonene og oppskriftene fra barndommen sin til Norge, og å dele de med familien sin her



Michelle Antoinette Tisdel, Oslo, Norway Michelle Antoinette Tisdel, Oslo, Norway


I was born and grew up in Houston, Texas, Southern Gulf Coast State of the

United States Houston, Texas, Gulf Coast, United States, 6.5 million, population,


My grandmother did most of the cooking, my grandfather also cooked. My mom

and aunts also cooked. My maternal great-grandfather was a Haitian man who

married a Cajun woman and they migrated to Texas. grandmother, grandfather, mother, aunts, diverse mix, Texas, Louisiana, maternal, American, African-American, food traditions, vegetation, Haitian, great-grandfather, Native American,


When I was younger, if the dishes were inspired by my Louisiana Haitian

grandfather then would have salmon croquettes and rice. If it was inspired by my

grandmother's Texas Native traditions, then we would have smothered liver,

onions. Louisiana, Haitian, salmon croquettes, rice, salmon stew, gumbo, chicken, sausage, shrimp, Texas, Native, smothered liver, onions, smothered pork chops, rice, gravy, sweet potatoes, cornbread, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese,


Salmon Croquettes Recipe: start with canned salmon (the most easily accessible,

affordable) boiled potato, egg, garlic, onion, salt, pepper. Combine these

ingredients. Flour the croquette. And then fry in oil. salmon croquette, canned salmon, boiled potato, egg, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, flour, oil, shortening, Crisco, hydrogenated oil, solid fat, lard, animal fat, vegetable oil


My grandparents house was the hub. I lived there as much as I wanted to and go

home when I wanted to. Everyone came through my grandparents house every

day. And we all ate there every day. We ate together every Sunday especially

after church. The Sunday dinners were at the matriarch's house. grandparents, hub, Sunday dinner, church, family, cooking, shopping, meat, grandfather, Catholic, grandmother, Baptist, matriarch,


On Sundays we had baked chicken, naked ham, smothered or fried pork chops,

fried chicken. Later we had lasagna. We ate chilli, gumbo. She would make what

appealed to the broadest segment of our family. American International dishes, turkey baked chicken, baked ham, smothered pork chops, fried pork chops, lasagna, gumbo, chilli, family, grandmother,


I was never prohibited from being in the kitchen. If you're helpful in the kitchen

then you can stay. If you're useful and can follow instructions then you can stay in

the kitchen. kitchen, instructions, useful, prohibit, helpful, invite,


Most of the food shopping were done at farmer's market or local large grocery

stores. Weingarten's, Food City, Food Town. There was things you couldn't buy at

a national chain that you could get at Food City because they catered to local

demographics, like pickled pig feet. farmers markets, produce, bulk, reasonable prices, farmers, wholesalers, Weingarten's, Food City, pickled pig feet,


I grew up eating pickled pig feet. I craved it all throughout my pregnancy and I was

in Massachusetts and had to find them. My grandmother made them fresh, she

got the pig feet from the butcher store, B&W Meat Company. pickled pig feet, Massachusetts, fresh pig feet, grandmother, homemade, butcher, B&W Meat Company.


My mom and aunts each brought new recipes into our family that became part of

the food menu at my grandparents house. We ate Mexican inspired or Tex-Mex

dishes that family members brought in. They also cooked my grandmother's

recipes helping with Sunday dinner. mom, aunts, twins, Marilyn, Sharilyn, Grandparents, broccoli, cheddar cheese, milk, butter, broccoli cheese casserole, enchilada casserole, Mexican, pan, bake, layer, casserole dish, Tex-Mex


In primary school, it was predominately African-American because of the

neighborhood. The schools reflected the neighborhood because of bussing or lack

of bussing. I didn't do a lot of visiting after school in friend's homes until high

school. We went to restaurants and ate other food cultures. African-American, bussing, neighborhood, school, friends, restaurants,


I cook and my partner cooks. My son, who lives outside our home, cooks as well. I

cook smothered pork chops with rice and gravy and mixed vegetables.Everyone

wants a Sunday dinner to look forward to. smothered pork chops, rice, gravy, mixed vegetables, macaroni and cheese, smothered liver,

24:44 My partner is Swedish and my step-daughter is 11. They have experienced the

food ingredients but not the way I make them. They've have fiskekaker but never

salmon croquettes. koteletter, salmon croquettes, fiskekaker, pork chops, Swedish, partner, step-daughter.

25:45 How I define what is a Scandinavian dish versus Scandinavian ingredients. I like

fordekohl but I often don't have time to cook it. I might make it once a year. I love

tørske tong. Scandinavian, ingredients, seasonal, førikol, torske tonge, boiled potatoes, immigrant store, okra

27:59 I shop at my local innvandrerbutikk which is the only place I can buy okra. They

have my business. And when I moved here in the late 90's that was the only place

to buy olives, olive oil and feta cheese. That was where I was most likely to find

foods that were familiar to me. okra, black eyed-peas, sweet potatoes, yuca, innvandrerbutikk, olive oil, feta cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, feta, parsley,

29:21 My son makes his own meatballs, pasta sauce. He's a big fan of Asian traditions.

We used to go to some of the Asian import markets in Oslo and he is very versed

in their inventory. He makes a dish that is from my grandfather: scrambled eggs

and rice.